How it works

Key Features

SpiderCom® takes your business phone number and connects it to any other existing phone(s), without any hardware installation.

SpiderCom® allows your company’s incoming calls to ring wherever you tell us. Your cell phone, your home phone, or anywhere in the world. All of your personal and business phone extensions and phone numbers can ring anywhere you choose.

• Get local or toll-free numbers from any area in the US, for the same low price, or have your current number transferred to our system.

• When a person calls your SpiderCom® local or toll-free number, you can choose to have them greeted by an automated attendant, or to have them connected right away, without the need to enter any extensions or dialing options.

• If you have chosen to implement the call-screening feature, the system will ask for the caller's name. Otherwise, your SpiderCom® phone system simply puts the caller right through after any necessary extensions or dialing options are chosen.

• Any caller will hear your choice of on-hold options (including music or custom company message) while the system connects the caller to the correct recipient.

• Send and receive text messages on any phone number, including land lines and non-SpiderCom managed numbers.

How does SpiderCom® work?

SpiderNet® is easy to use. The first step is to log in to our online portal from your PC, laptop or tablet. Once logged in, select your phone number from the drop-down list (or enter a new number) and click on “Call Me.” Your phone will then ring and once you answer it, you are connected to the SpiderNet® system. Next, select one of your contact lists and a pre-recorded, saved message, or follow the simple directions to create a new one. Once connected to the SpiderNet® system with a list and message selected, you may begin calling the numbers on the list simply by clicking on them. When you reach voice mail, you have two options. Selecting “Leave Message” without waiting for the tone will instantly “drop” your pre-recorded message into the person’s inbox. Alternately, you can personalize a message by waiting for the tone, leaving a live, customized introduction and then clicking “Play Message” to instantly add the pre-recorded content. This gives the impression that the entire message was created and left just for that individual. When a call is physically answered by someone, IDD conveniently allows you to speak live with the person.

What Features Come With SpiderCom®?

Toll-free and Local Number
Get a professional toll free number and a local phone number in any US city and state!
Auto-attendant with up to 25 extensions:
Your SpiderCom® line includes the option to have your callers greeted by an auto-attendant. Here is an example, "Thank you for calling the Your Brand company. For sales, press 1. For support, press 2.... Otherwise, please enter the extension of the person you wish to speak to, or press 0 for the operator or 9 for the company directory."
Call Recording
SpiderCom® offers you the option to automatically record each call that comes into your line. You can listen online or have the recordings sent to your email inbox.
Follow-me flexibility
Forward incoming calls to as many as six outside phone numbers. Calls and specific numbers can easily be restricted by both time of day and day of the week. You'll never miss an important call again.
Email notification and web administration:
Listen to your voicemails right on the web, or have them sent to your email or text message (SMS). Additionally, you can always access them via phone.
On-hold options for that professional sound
If you want, your caller will hear on-hold music or a custom message about your company while the caller is connected to the correct recipient.
Call transfer and conference calling
Easily transfer or conference in other parties with your SpiderCom system.
Faxes are stored on your Spidercom account and then sent to you via email. That means there will be no need for another fax line or fax machine. Boost your company's professional appeal with a separate, dedicated fax number, included free with all plans.
Many listening, viewing and control options
Your SpiderCom phone system works from home offices, standard offices and mobile phones. Listen to messages, view faxes/call reports and control your phone line preferences online or through email. This means you can access your system from anywhere in the world.
Send and Receive Text Messages To Any Phone Line
SpiderCom offers the ability to send and receive SMS/text messages on any phone line including your business line, your home phone line, a land line, and a line that is not a SpiderCom number.
Advanced call routing and reporting with our optional inbound call center package
Our inbound call center package enhances your options even further to assure your calls are routed to the appropriate people, even when they are not in the office. Choose between simultaneous routing, round-robin rotation, most idle, sequential or a combination thereof. You will also receive the ability to specify a max-hold time, as well as receive real-time interactive graphs detailing how your call center is performing. With our high-level call forwarding, monitoring, recording and reporting on your call center activity, you will have a world-class inbound call center application without the need to purchase an expensive business phone system.

Additional features and details

Get a local number from any US city of your choice in addition to your toll free number, that rings to any phone (or phones) you choose!
Choose to have your callers greeted by an auto-attendant with extensions, OR connected to you straight away.
Callers hear your choice of on-hold options; Music or your own custom and branded message, while the system connects the caller.
Detailed call reporting is available at your fingertips, including the phone number and time/date for each caller as well as easy access to voice mail (if you choose to use the SpiderCom voicemail option)
Call-screening options available... In addtion to seeing their caller ID, the system can also record the callers name and let you know who is calling BEFORE you answer. Otherwise, your SpiderCom phone system simply connects the caller to you.
No equipment needed. SpiderCom handles everything!

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