Canada Virtual Phone System

Canada Virtual Phone SystemAre you looking for an affordable Canada virtual phone system that offers all of the features you’d expect at a great price? Take a closer look at what SpiderCom has to offer and discover why they are one of the fastest growing cloud phone system providers in the industry.

Use SpiderCom’s cloud phone system and get access from anywhere at any time. Toll free number and call forwarding service can ring to any phone you choose, with no equipment or set-up necessary. Simply purchase your local business phone number from SpiderCom and they’ll take care of all the details.

Here’s how it works: Request a virtual business phone number from SpiderCom and all of your incoming calls will ring to any phone line you want when clients or customers call that number. They can send your calls to a cell phone, your home phone, your office or anywhere in the world. As an additional feature, your business can also send and receive text messages to any phone line you choose. Take a closer look at the key features of SpiderCom’s system:

– The SpiderCom system takes your business phone number and connects it to any and all other existing phones you choose- there’s no hardware installation.
– Your incoming calls will ring where you decide
– Get local or toll-free numbers from SpiderCom at affordable rates, from any area in the US you want of have your current number transferred to the SpiderCom system.
– Additional features include the ability to allow your callers to hear an automated attendant greet them, or opt for immediate connection.
– Use the call-screening feature that will require the caller to state their name.
– Callers can hear on-hold options of your own choosing, from music or your custom company message, while the system is in the process of connecting the caller.
– Break the previous barrier to text messaging to and from land line phones with SpiderCom’s innovative system.

With SpiderCom, you’ll get a professional toll-free number and a local phone number associated with any US city and state you choose. Your callers will be expertly greeted and attended to by the SpiderCom auto-attendant with up to 25 extensions possible. Follow-me flexibility means as many your calls can be routed to as many as 6 outside phone numbers. Use restrictions to limit the time of day or the day of the week to ensure your important calls come through at the right time.

No other Canada virtual phone system offers as many features and benefits as SpiderCom. Promote your brand with a professional sound every time your phone rings and increase productivity at your business.

You’ll find SpiderCom to be a very affordable Canada virtual phone system as compared to other services on the market. Now you can easily set up alternative call routing options, use the auto-attendant or set up do not disturb times to fully customize your system. Check out pricing on the website or call a professional at 800-729-0962 with any questions you have.  Canada Virtual Phone System

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